About DHC
About DHC

DHC History

Who we are

DHC UK is a subsidiary of DHC Corporation, Japan's No. 1 direct skincare company. We are a leading direct-to-consumer provider of beauty products, including skincare, body care and make-up items. Our products are available by catalogue and online at www.DHCUK.co.uk

The vision behind DHC is rooted in the beneficial properties of virgin olive oil. Found to be one of nature's finest ingredients for helping to achieve and maintain healthy, younger-looking skin, olive oil became the foundation for DHC's full range of skin-gentle products.

Our Japanese heritage

DHC, which stands for "Daigaku Honyaku Center," began as an educational translation company in Japan in 1972, and became a leading provider of educational business materials. After discovering an exceptional grade of olive oil from the Núñez de Prado groves in Baena, Spain, and learning more about olive oil's positive effects on skin and overall physical health, Mr. Yoshiaki Yoshida, the company's owner and a true visionary, saw the potential for growth and set his sights on making the world a more beautiful place.

He started the DHC beauty enterprise in 1980 with just three very special products. It has since evolved into a dynamic health and beauty collection – Japan's No. 1 direct skincare company – that now boasts hundreds of products. A frequent recipient of the nation's top awards, DHC is today also a trusted provider of delicious foods, housewares, jewellery, intimate apparel and casual clothing, and is also proud to be among Japan's leading providers of nutritional supplements.

The discerning taste of the Japanese and their stringent quality standards in skincare are reflected in DHC's carefully formulated products. DHC beauty products are a result of extensive research and development, as well as tailoring and expanding the range to suit the particular preferences and needs of its customers. Plant extracts, especially Asian botanicals, are used extensively in DHC formulations for their nourishing properties and are balanced by cutting-edge scientific research to create only the best, most effective and safest products.

In 1995, DHC began its global expansion, bringing its Japanese beauty secrets to women in other parts of the world. You can now find DHC in South Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai, France, Hong Kong and the United States.

What We Do

We create the finest beauty products you'll find anywhere. However, our job at DHC goes beyond selling products. We also provide information on skincare and wellness, make-up tips, recommendations for your beauty regimen and personal guidance as you find the right products for you.

Why We're Different

Japanese products based on Spanish olive oil? It doesn't get more unique than that. We think our mixed-culture heritage is right at home in the United Kingdom, where individual tastes and preferences are celebrated. If a product doesn't offer something different – and, in our opinion, better – then we won't offer it to you.

Quality, Safety, Effectiveness

Each day, DHC is inspired by you – our customers – to create our beauty range. We believe the most effective products are those that give positive results and are still affordable.