Five Reasons Why You Should Use Toner

Toner is an added layer of facial cleanser that’s usually applied to the face with our Silky Cotton or your hands after cleansing and before moisturising. DHC’s toners are named “lotions” because of mega-hydrating and emollient qualities. 


  1. Clears and minimises pores – Toner eliminates any dirt, grease and excess make-up that has clogged pores and may not have been fully removed with cleanser. Using Pore Lotion tightens and reduces the visibility of enlarged pores.
  2. Great for all skin types –We have a great selection on different types of toners for any skin type imaginable: There’s Soothing Lotion for dry skin, Skin Softener for mature skin, Olive Leaf Lotion for sun-damaged skin and many more.
  3. Enhances benefits of cleanser and moisturiser – Toner is an added layer of protection for your skin after cleanser and adds moisture back into your skin after scrubbing. Try Acerola Lotion for an extra touch of moisture.   
  4. Balances skin’s pH – Usually after cleansing, your skin’s natural barrier is stripped and pH isn’t at the optimal 5 level.  Toner’s slightly acidic formula will help balance the levels of alkaline on your skin. Additionally, toner can help counteract dry skin by adding moisture or help oily skin by removing excess oils. Use Mild Lotion II to stabilize your pH with eight different soothing botanicals. 
  5. Hydrates and refreshes – Despite the belief that toner dries out the skin, it actually replenishes moisture, leaving the skin looking younger and feeling fresher. When skin is well hydrated, the development of wrinkles and fine lines slows down. Beauty Lift Lotion is a firming toner that can help minimise signs of ageing.