How to Clean Dirty Make-up Brushes and Sponges

How to Clean Dirty Makeup Brushes

After regular use, your make-up brushes and sponges begin to accumulate oil, dirt, and old make-up. To prevent future breakouts, your beauty tools need to be cleaned regularly. Here’s how:


Step 1: Gather Deep Cleansing Oil, your dirty make-up brushes, a cup of warm water and paper towels.

Step 2: Put one pump of the Deep Cleansing Oil into the palm of your hand. It's good for cleaning brushes because it keeps the bristles soft by conditioning your brush.

Step 3: Take your make-up brush and swirl it into the oil. Be sure to load up the brush and massage every bristle into your hand.

Step 4: Swirl the brush into the cup of water until you see the make-up and oil dissolve into the water. Be sure you don’t get any water above the handle of the brush as this will loosen the glue holding it together.

Step 5: Wipe the brush on the paper towel.

Step 6: Set aside brushes to dry. There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can lay the brushes flat on the edge of a table and let them dry overnight or you can stand them up on the paper towel, bristle side down, so all the water drains down into the towel. Again, just make sure that water isn’t dripping down the handle.


Step 1: Gather Olive Virgin Oil, dish washing soap, a bowl and paper towels.

Step 2: Pour equal parts dish soap and Olive Virgin Oil into bowl. Since Olive Virgin Oil is gentle on your skin, it’s also gentle on your sponge.

Step 3: Rinse make-up sponge under warm water.

Step 4: Soak all sides of the sponge in the oil and soap solution.

Step 5: Gently massage the sponge and you’ll be able to see the make-up come out. Keep massaging the sponge until your sponge is clean again. Be sure to rinse it under water a few times to keep it moist while you massage it.

Step 6: When your sponge is squeaky clean, put it in a paper towel and squeeze out the excess water.

Step 7: Lay it out to dry overnight.