How To Layer Skincare

How to layer skincare

When your skincare routine is filled with several products it can sometimes be confusing to know what order you should apply your products. If not applied in the proper order you could be decreasing the effectiveness of your skincare and then what's the point of going through all those steps? Follow these simple rules for a fool proof skincare layering so you can get the most out of your morning & evening skincare routines.

How to layer skincare products:

1. Lightest to Heaviest.

Apply your skincare products from lightest to heaviest for the best possible application. Meaning, after you cleanse your skincare order should look something like: toner, serum (or essence), eye cream and moisturiser.

2. Rule Exceptions.

Lightest to heaviest is a major rule but there’s an exception. Spot treatments should be applied right after toning to allow them to be fully absorbed into the skin. Any dermatologist topical medications should be used as recommended by your doctor so be sure to ask where that new cream should fit into your skincare routine—lightest to heaviest isn’t always the case with prescriptions.

3. Slow Down.

Have you ever had a product ball up on your skin during layering? You probably didn’t allow enough time between applications and the two product textures don’t get along if one isn’t fully absorbed. To fix this, wait a minute or two between layering.

4. Mixology for Your Face.

Love a good cocktail? So does your skin. While some products may not like each other others love to be mixed. If you’re into making your routine quick, try adding your serum to your moisturiser. Our favourite combination is Vitamin C Essence mixed with Q10 Cream for a brightening and firming skin cocktail.

5. Sunscreen Rules All.

Always make sunscreen your last product used every morning before applying your makeup. Always. If you can only stick to one of these five rules, make it this one.