Post-Holiday Skincare Detox

New year, new you… Literally. Exfoliate and slough away dead skin from your face with Facial Scrub and the rest of your body with Olive-Corn Body Scrub & Polish.

Rich clays in Mineral Mask help draw out impurities and purify pores. Use once or twice a week for five to ten minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

Cut down on the wine and spirits and drink more water! One of the major causes of dehydration in your skin is drinking too much alcohol so make sure you drink at least eight cups a day to keep your skin and body happy.

Detox what you eat as well as what you drink. Avoid added sugar since it breaks down collagen and encourages the onset of saggy skin and wrinkles. Make sure you use an emollient moisturiser like EGF Cream to encourage collagen production and support natural skin cell revitalization.

Use Eye Bright to help with puffy eyes from partying and get back on your regular sleep schedule. Using an eye cream with caffeine and soothing cucumber like Eye Bright will help moisturise the delicate area around your eyes and brighten dark circles while fighting stubborn eye bags all at the same time. Put Eye Bright in the refrigerator to make the depuffing effects more potent.

Be careful and avoid hot, long showers when you bathe because this will cause your skin to dry out. Instead, take short showers in warm temperatures.

Though it may have been difficult to keep a regular skincare regimen with how busy you are during the holidays with family over and long nights of hosting parties, get back into the swing of things and treat your skin by sticking to a regular routine. Follow our 4-Step Skincare Routine as a guide.

Get at least seven or eight hours of sleep. When you sleep, your body – especially your skin – is resetting and renewing itself so give it ample time to rejuvenate.