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Melt the day away with DHC make-up removers
Melt the Day Away with DHC Make-up Removers

Get unready with us starting with routine step #1: removing your make-up. Learn some tidbits about our make-up removers and which ones are best for your skin type.

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Beauty tip tricks and treats
Beauty Tricks & Treats

3 ways to keep Halloween fun from haunting your skin. Read on!

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4 step skincare routine with the Olive Originals
The Olive Originals

The foundation of Japanese beauty is the 4-step skincare routine. Read on to learn more about our original collection and the benefits each product has to offer.

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DHC Cleansing Foam
How to Properly Cleanse

A right way to cleanse? You bet there is. Read on to see if you're doing it right. If not, you could be doing more harm to your skin than good.

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DHC Extra Nighttime Moisture
20 Pieces of Skincare Advice From Mothers

In honour of Mothering Sunday, we asked friends, colleagues, and of course, our own mothers for some skincare advice. With their wisdom we also put together a few DHC recommendations to help you put those pieces of advice to practice.

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How to Clean Dirty Makeup Brushes
How to Clean Dirty Make-up Brushes and Sponges

Women everywhere use Deep Cleansing Oil as their make-up remover, but did you know it also removes make-up from your brushes and sponges? Read on to learn how! 

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10 Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

A good skincare routine is just as necessary as a good workout regimen. Check out our list of must-have items to keep in your bag for when you’re hitting the gym.

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