The Summer Switch-up by Skin Type

Summer switch up by skin type

Summertime is a grueling season for the skin, and depending on your type, you might need to switch things up a bit in order to get that complexion you’re after. Whether you're on the oily side, the dry side, or in between, we’ve got you covered.


Depending on the climate you’re in, dry skin can be tough to deal with in the summer. A dry desert heat can leave you flaky and dehydrated. The solution? Our Facial Scrub packed with apricot granules is sure to get rid of any dead skin and impurities. Afterwards, quench your skin's thirst with our Rich Moisture daytime moisturiser. Don't let the name fool you – its lightweight texture is perfect for warmer weather and layering.

Making sure your skin is constantly hydrated is a vital step in saving your skin this summer. On a summer’s day, the last thing you want is for your skin to feel congested. Rich Moisture gets the job done comfortably and effectively.


Oily skin can be tricky to deal with in the warmer months. Chances are you might be kicking your skincare into high gear this season to prevent from breaking out or appearing too shiny. Sweat and sun might spell bad news for oily skin, but there are surely ways around it.

The number one tip for your oily skin routine this summer is to stay moisturiaed! More often than not, oily skin is overcompensating for a lack of moisture. Using a powerful, non-greasy moisturiser will help fight some of that oil production as well as the problems that come with oily skin, like breakouts and the appearance of pores. We recommend our Acerola Gel for these skin types. Lightweight and full of moisture, this gel will help brighten and improve your complexion.

Getting the right cleanser is also essential during the summer months. Everyone loves a summer glow, but there’s a fine line between dewy and greasy. Pure Soap will make sure your oily skin never crosses that line. As a face wash, this beauty bar helps to control oil production while hydrating and softening the skin. Pure Soap cleanses without stripping anything away from your skin, and keeping all its natural moisture intact. Oily skin types: this is your summer cleanser!


Using gentle-yet-effective products is key for sensitive skin. Keeping your skin toned and balanced is a great first step to keeping it happy and healthy this summer! Even a change in the weather can have effects on sensitive skin, so using something like our Mild Lotion will keep your skin cool, calm, and collected. This moisturising toner is infused with cooling and hydrating cucumber and contains no alcohol, keeping it gentle and sensitive skin–friendly!


Normal skin types can shine this summer! Because normal skin is healthy and balanced, keeping it up can be simple: stick to the basics!

Using Deep Cleansing Oil to remove make-up and following up with a gentle and foamy cleanser like our Face Wash Powder is the best way to kick off your summer skincare. Staying fresh and clean is always important, especially when you're sweating your face off.


It’s all in the name: combination! For this skin type, your best summer skin will come from staying moisturised and balanced. Using the right cleanser can help to balance your skin type and prevent any dry or oily patches from worsening. Our favourite for combo skin? Cleansing Foam.

This cleanser conditions while cleansing, and doesn't irritate or harm the skin. Use with warm water to open up your pores and then follow with a toner to help balance your skin. Dry patches on cheeks and oily T-zones be gone!