Nadejda Semenova, 32

DHC Customer since 2012

'For me it's as normal to take care of my skin as to brush my teeth every day or to eat; it's just an essential part of my daily routine.'


Interests & hobbies
Practising yoga; reading books about psychology and communication.

Cultural cuisine
Being from a multicultural background, I enjoy cooking borscht (traditional Russian soup; although some would argue it's a traditional Ukrainian meal), lagman and plov (typical Uzbek food) and crêpes (which again could be considered to be a French or typically Russian dish).

Hidden talent
I am very good at singing old Japanese songs. I've been living, studying and working in Japan for roughly 10 years, and I really enjoy the Japanese language both for talking but even more for singing; it's very melodious.

Best skincare advice
Start caring for your skin while it is still in good condition.

More about Nadejda

Who are your beauty icons?
For me, beauty is a perception based on subjective judgment so it cannot have an icon or just one thing. I believe that everything created by nature is beautiful.

Favourite book?
"The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov. I like this book because it talks about an important issue of staying true to oneself and one's values despite the pressure of society and time.

Favourite places to travel?
I like to travel to places where I can be surrounded by nature and have no people in sight. It makes me recognise that there much larger things in life than us and we, human beings, are just a small piece of this world.

Favorite DHC products

Deep Cleansing Oil
As a busy professional, I appreciate that I can easily remove all my daily make-up with just one pump of Deep Cleansing Oil and it doesn't dry my skin. I often wear waterproof mascara, and to be frank, Deep Cleansing Oil is the only one that can remove it all at once (and believe me I tried many other brands)!

Bio Cellulose Mask
I got used to this habit when I was living in Japan and I really enjoy using a sheet mask twice a week. It's a pleasant treatment with clear, observable results.