Velda Wong, 49

DHC Customer since 2008

'The products work, they use many natural ingredients and the price is reasonable.'

Professional development manager.

Interests & hobbies
Cooking, baking, sewing, running, going to the cinema, theatre, museums. I like looking at architecture and travelling around the world.

Favourite recipe to cook? 
I have many favourite recipes. The most recent one I loved making was the delicious Bloody Mary Beef with creamy horseradish mash. I occasionally make lemon madeleines.

What is your advice on feeling beautiful in your own skin?
Think positive, develop confidence, embrace yourself and know what your strengths are. Have a 'me' day occasionally. Take a day off from work and do the things you like to do.

What’s something about you that we might be surprised to learn?
I like shooting. I took a ½ day course on clay pigeon shooting and I did quite well.

More about Velda

Favourite book?
I like Sophie Kinsella's books. I found them quite funny and some of them involved fashion.

Favourite movie and why
Any Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly movie because I thought they were great actresses and style icons. However, I do love a comedy and I can watch Liar, Liar with Jim Carrey over and over again.

Favourite TV show and why
I enjoy shows like ‘24’ and ‘Homeland.’ Every episode was gripping and shocking and I always looked forward to the next episode. Waiting a week felt like forever!

Favourite DHC products

Olive Essentials Set
This is one of my favourites because my skin no longer feels dry and wrinkly.

Velvet Skin Coat
It improves the look of my skin and it feels soft.

Lip Cream
I use this when the weather gets cold and my lips are chapped. It provides moisture and nourishes my lips.

Facial Scrub
I use this every week and my skin feels clean after using it.

Scalp Massage Pack
I use a curling iron 5 days per week and the massage pack revives my hair and it doesn’t feel so limp.

Hair Curl Mist
I like this because it doesn't feel heavy on my hair.