Deborah Chester, 54

DHC Customer since 2013

'I feel that a woman's beauty starts from deep within, as it's affected by the way we feel about ourselves and how we perceive ourselves in the world.'

Writer, Life Coach

Interests & hobbies
I enjoy travelling to the US – I have recently been in Newport, Rhode Island which is absolutely beautiful in summer. I also love visiting France, Italy and Spain. And I love Marrakech, Morocco, where I travel to quite frequently.

Beauty icons
Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. These women are timeless, classic beauties.

On feeling beautiful in your own skin
Daily skincare routines help us to feel great and knowing that we're looking after our skin in the best way possible can only enhance and build feelings of confidence and self-esteem, in turn help us feel beautiful.

The routine
Cleanse, tone, moisturise twice daily. Apply eye gel under eyes, morning and night. Once per week, exfoliate and apply a mask. Have regular facials. Massage is great for the muscle tone of the face.

DHC is just great. I like everything about this company. Wonderful products - and fast, efficient, professional service when ordering. DHC products make me feel that I'm giving my skin the VIP treatment!

Favourite DHC products

Eye Bright: I love this silky gel. I apply it each morning and night under the eye and gently massage it with finger tips. It really seems to hydrate this part of my face and helps with any morning puffiness.

Eyelash Tonic: I used this for a couple of months morning and night when I realised that I was losing lashes in my eyelash curler. In no time, my lashes were nice and thick again.

Lip Cream: I love the creamy taste of this lip moisturiser and think it's great that it has vitamin E, aloe and olive oil in it.

Olive Virgin Oil: Although it is very light in texture, it's extremely hydrating and skin feels great after using it.

Q10 Cream: I love the mini version – it's a great anti-ageing and deep moisturising cream to use in the morning.