Diana Johnson, 35

DHC Customer since 2009

'Skincare helps me to look my best without the daily need for make-up.'

My idea of beauty
Effortless elegance.

All-time favourite beauty look
1920s glamour.

The daily routine
Pore Face Wash, followed by a toner, Q10 Eye Cream and a SPF-containing moisturiser – twice per day. Best skincare adviceUse a moisturiser with SPF to prevent long-term skin damage.

Favourite place to grab a drink
The Dove, a Belgian beerhouse near London Fields.

The most adventurous thing I’ve done
The Dunwich Dynamo – a 100-mile overnight cycle ride from London Fields in Hackney to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast.

My dream selfie would be with … 
The divine Beth Gibbons.

Favorite DHC products

Q10 Moisture Care Color Base
It lets me get away with not using foundation.

Liquid Eyeliner EX
I can never get the line right on the first stroke, but the formulation and applicator allows me to gradually build up the line.