Francesca Castelli, 48

DHC Customer since 2014

'Looking after your skin is part of the self-love process, just like eating properly.'

Brand & Communications Manager for a global mobile operator

Interests & hobbies
I am 10,000 words away from a BA in History of Art, which means that over the past five years I have spent a lot of time on the books. I am also a HUGE tennis fan. It’s just the best sport ever – which I play mediocrely and watch obsessively.

Favourite destinations
Top destination is New York City, where I dream of moving to one day. It’s just so incredibly vibrant and oozes that exciting sense of opportunity. Also, nothing beats the Greek islands for a beach holiday. All that blue simply blows me away.

Favourite beauty look
For me, less is more. A healthy glow, a good lengthening mascara that doesn’t clump and a matte red lip stain that doesn’t bleed.

Beauty icons
Joanne Fontaine and Jodie Foster

Best skincare advice
Listen to your skin, it will tell you what it needs.

On feeling beautiful in your own skin
Generally speaking, I reject the idea of physical beauty being a value and I am much more of an advocate for inner beauty. Feeling beautiful could probably start by developing a strong sense of self-worth, a lifetime achievement which goes well beyond maintaining our looks.

More about Francesca

Favourite book
Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. The tense atmosphere of doubt, lies and deceit in that book is described incredibly well.

Favourite movie
Rebecca by Alfred Hitchcock. A classic tale of love and hate, what’s not to like? Also, Fontaine is fabulous in it as the demure yet resilient second wife.

Favourite TV show
30 Rock – Fey is incredibly funny and Alec Baldwin has the best and sexiest voice in the business. I embark on ‘30 Rock-athons’ as often as I can.

Favourite DHC products

The Deep Cleansing Oil has been a staple of my routine since I discovered it in Japan five years ago. It smells good, it’s easy to use and leaves skin squeaky clean without feeling dry. It also lasts a long time so it’s good value for the money.

I recently tried the Neck Treatment Essence Peptides and noticed results very quickly (can’t say that happens very often). Unlike other serums, it’s not sticky. After smell, texture is the most important thing.

I love the smell of the Scalp Massage Pack and the fact that it leaves my hair soft without weighing it down.

Lip Cream is also very good, always in my purse.