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Face Wash Powder

Powder-to-foam cleanser
On Sale through 31/10/2014 £9.50 £8.50

Camu-Camu White Essence

Amazon–powered brightening serum
On Sale through 31/10/2014 £17.50 £14.00

Eyelash Tonic

Stronger lashes in a blink
On Sale through 31/10/2014 £10.50 £8.75

Mild Soap

Hydrating, conditioning soap
Various prices

Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

Encourage hair and scalp health
On Sale through 31/10/2014 £13.00 £11.00

Moist Conditioner

Purifying hair conditioner
On Sale through 31/10/2014 £13.00 £11.00

Milky Hair Wax

Define your style
On Sale through 31/10/2014 £12.00 £9.00

Premium Lipstick GE

Modern, moisturizing lip colors
Various prices

Revitalizing Moisture Strips: Mouth

Fight fine lines around your mouth
£9.50 £8.00

Face Wash

Dry-skin cleanser
On Sale through 30/09/2014 £22.00 £18.50

Wrinkle Essence

Minimise the appearance of wrinkles
On Sale through 30/09/2014 £35.00 £26.00

Liquid Eyeliner EX

Long-wearing precision-point eyeliner
On Sale through 30/09/2014 £16.00 £12.50

Eye Shadow Palette EX

Conditioning eye shadow trios
Various prices

Scrub Face Wash [Men]

Conditioning exfoliation for him
On Sale through 30/09/2014 £8.50 £6.25

Moisture Fruit Gel Cream

Soften skin with five fruit extracts
On Sale through 30/09/2014 £13.50 £10.00

Moisture Fruit Lotion

Amino-based hydrating toner
On Sale through 30/09/2014 £13.50 £10.00