A Glow For Every Get-Together

skincare and makeup tips for the holiday

December is notorious for bringing us a calendar full of events, late nights with loved ones, cold winter air and very little time to ourselves. Week after week, we find ourselves socialising with friends, family and colleagues at events that require a different glow and a different look. To keep up with the demands of the holiday party season, we’ve put together the perfect ways to prep and pamper your skin before every get-together. 

For the Work Soiree

Company parties are prime for showing up and show-stopping. Seeing colleagues in settings outside of work can feel daunting, but a silky complexion, perfectly winged eyes and a bold red lip could give you the confidence to be your true self. Start off your look with Velvet Skin Coat, a pore-perfecting make-up primer that works beautifully alone or under foundation. Then, line your eyes with drama using our Liquid Eyeliner EX. Its brush tip was inspired by Japanese calligraphy brushes for a precise look. Lastly, reach for your favourite bold-hued lipstick. We love a strong red lip or a bright mauve to perk up your overall look.

For the Family Party

From awkward reunions to more intimate dinners, when you’re surrounded by people who know more about your past than you’d like to admit, there’s only one way to show up—bright and glowy. Look (and be!) well rested with a minimal skin prep using an all-in-one gel like our CoQ10 Quick Gel Brightening Moisture. In one swipe, this lightweight gel moisturiser brightens and evens skin tone while adding a surge of moisture—the perfect time-saver while your baked ham gets its perfect tone in the oven. With your glow in place, add some finishing touches to your look with a couple of coats of our long-lasting Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection and a swipe of Lip Cream, a perfectly hydrating lip balm with a natural finish.

For the Winter Wonder-Date

Whether you and your beau will be ice skating, strolling through town admiring holiday lights, picking out your Christmas tree or starting up a bonfire, chilly winter air will be present and can take a toll on your skin. To keep your skin hydrated through winter activities, layer on a rich moisturiser over a lightweight gel cream. Our favorite combo is Olive Virgin Oil over Astaxanthin All-in-One Collagen Gel. Astaxanthin’s creamy gel texture quickly absorbs into skin while collagen plumps up your complexion. Olive Virgin Oil’s lightweight consistency locks in all the hydration without leaving an oily residue (just a gorgeous glow!).

For the Cosy Night In

Not every get-together has to be hypersocial! A cosy night in can be the perfect antidote to the fast pace of holiday parties. Indulge with your loved ones with our Bio Cellulose Mask. It’s a gel mask made out of coconut fibres, making it ultra hydrating and the perfect companion to some fireside hot cocoa. A long night in is also the perfect opportunity for targeted care, so reach for your favourite eye cream, like Eye Bright, or take the time to do a 4-step Japanese regimen—double cleanse, tone and moisturise.

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