Prep For the Day

Prep for the Day

We sat down with @YayorNayNicole to discuss her picture-perfect morning routine, skincare secrets and tips for achieving healthy skin at all ages.

Why did you start your channel?

I was watching a lot of beauty bloggers and really enjoying it, but there weren’t many people my age. I was 47 and most of the beauty gurus were in their 20s. I thought I had something to contribute because I’ve gone through being concerned about wrinkles and age spots. I wanted to share my journey and the things I use to look my best.

How has your regimen changed as you’ve gotten older?

Your skin changes as you get older, so your products have to change along with you. I use far more emollient moisturisers. I have also incorporated oils into my routine and I think they make a huge difference. Biggest things: I’ve learned to incorporate more serums and masks. Throughout the day, I might touch-up on eye cream.

What hasn’t changed?

I was always very good since an early age (actually since I found makeup at 13) about taking my makeup off every night and moisturising immediately after because I’ve always had dry skin. I also always wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is so important. My rule is, if there’s as much light as a flashlight, I need to wear sunscreen.

What’s your daily regimen? How is your morning regimen different from your nighttime regimen?

I double cleanse. When I wash my face with soap alone the makeup doesn’t come off. Even when I use a toner, I still get dirt and makeup on the cotton pad. That’s residue that could have just stayed sitting on my skin. I use Deep Cleansing Oil and it gets all the makeup off! Then I use Face Wash Powder and it gives me completely clean skin. It also doesn’t give me that tight feeling. With dry skin, I try to stay away from anything that gives me that tight feeling. Then I apply a serum. It’s almost like I give myself a mini facial every night before I go to bed. In the morning I do a single cleanse with Face Wash Powder to remove anything that’s accumulated overnight.

Any advice for our readers?

Yes! Get into a skincare regimen and stick to it. I got my husband to start washing his face and moisturising and even he saw a difference. After a month, one of his guy friends mentioned that he looked like he got more rest and this was from just doing two extra things! Get into a routine where you are cleansing, moisturising and most importantly, wearing sunscreen. Make time to clean your skin and pamper yourself before bed. It makes a huge difference.

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