We Tried DHC Products Only Available in Japan!

We Tried DHC Products Only Available in Japan!

We Tried DHC Products Only Available in Japan!

*These DHC items are only available for purchase in Japan. 

Japan is known for being highly innovative and always ahead of the curve when it comes to beauty, health, technology and so much more. Here at DHC, we love keeping up with what’s trending in Japan and taking you all along for the ride.  So once again, we sifted through our Japanese catalog to try some popular beauty and health products that are only available in Japan! 

What We Tried


Mineral water sourced from almost 3,000 feet below the sea

Deep Sea Drinking Water

What it is: Mineral water sourced from 2,624 feet below the surface of the Izu Peninsula.
What it’s supposed to do: This mineral water is so popular in Japan that many people subscribe to a home delivery for it. DHC’s Deep Sea Drinking Water boasts a natural mineral content rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium, which can help promote overall beauty with regular consumption.
The verdict: Compared to a popular premium drinking water here in the U.S., the taste of DHC’s drinking water is quite different. There is a light mineral taste to it and it feels very clean—like you are drinking water at a spa. It’s definitely water incomparable to anything our team has tasted in the U.S., but we can see how this water might help promote overall beauty.

A cushion for better posture

Point Pressure Cushion

What it is:  A portable cushion with pressure points that can be used one of two ways: attached to your chair for back support or on the floor for neck support.
What it’s supposed to do: The two points in the cushion are said to provide tension relief at the neck and lower back, while the size of the cushion can help provide lumbar support when using this cushion in a seated position.
The verdict: This cushion, when attached to your chair, really does provide great lower back support. If you are someone who may not have the best posture, it can feel a bit uncomfortable to be poised in an upright position. When using this cushion underneath the neck laying down, the pressure points feel like a surprisingly relaxing “pinch.” This product would be beneficial for anyone who is looking to improve their posture. 

This wildly popular “hangover pill”

Concentrated Turmeric Supplement

What it is: Curcumin supplements derived from three types of turmeric.
What it’s supposed to do: One of DHC’s most popular supplements, concentrated turmeric, also known as curcumin, is said to be one of the most powerful herbs for overall health. Praised for its anti-inflammatory properties, concentrated turmeric, called ukon in Japanese, is very popularly used as a remedy for hangovers. A big part of Japanese culture is to unwind with a few drinks after a long day of work. Many people partake in this activity almost every day, so a popular remedy to help get drinkers into the office the next day is concentrated turmeric. The idea is to take two concentrated turmeric supplements before drinking, allowing the anti-inflammatory properties to “coat” your liver, presumably making hangovers less severe. 
The verdict: In the spirit of Japanese trends, we tried this concentrated turmeric supplement as directed: two pills before consuming alcohol. Used on a regular night out to celebrate a birthday, this remedy seems to work! One of our users said she felt a lot of energy the next morning and was able to partake in her day as if she had not drank champagne the night before. It’s hard to say whether the result is something of a placebo effect or not, but we’ll take it.

A skin brightening supplement

L-Cysteine Brightening Supplement

What it is: A daily skin brightening supplement consisting of L-cysteine as the star ingredient, supported by vitamin C. 
What it’s supposed to do: These supplements claim to brighten dark spots, discoloration and hyperpigmentation, leaving the user with brighter, more even-toned skin. It does this through its main ingredient, L-cysteine. An amino acid found in beta-keratin, which is the main protein in our hair, skin, and nails, L-cysteine supports the creation of glutathione which detoxes our skin and wards off excess production of melanin that can cause discoloration. This particular supplement is to be taken twice a day.
The verdict: The small size of these supplements makes it really easy to add to a daily vitamin routine. Two of our users took this in the hopes of clearing some acne scarring and noticed a difference in their appearance around day 4 of taking the supplements. Another user was pleasantly surprised by her lack of acne throughout the week of taking these supplements! With more time and consistency, this supplement could do wonders for hyperpigmentation.

And just for fun….

This cute stuffed toy that turns into a blanket!

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