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What Is a Foaming Mesh?

What is Foaming Mesh

Here’s how to take your face wash to the next level with this amazing Japanese skincare tool.

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Backpack Essentials

Back to Uni

School is just around the corner, and along with it looms a whole new world of stress. You’re thinking, “Will I find the time to take care of myself? How can I keep up with my beauty routine?”

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Do you double cleanse?

Double Cleanse

Even if you swear by a no-frills skincare routine, you have to admit that cleansing is the most important step.

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Japanese Toners—The Skincare Step You May Be Missing

Japanese Toners

Thought you knew toners? J-beauty’s take on toners will rock your regimen.

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Going Deep—How Your Skin’s Layers Work

Going Deep—How Your Skin's Layers Work

How much do you know about the layers of your skin? Do you know how your skincare ingredients work, and are you applying them in the right order?

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The Secret’s in the Brush—Japanese Eyeliner as Art

Beauty on the Go

We invited henna artist Minal Khatri to our studio to talk eyeliner, and we all came away a little bit smarter (and a lot more fabulous).

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Beauty On the Go

Beauty on the Go

You’re on the move—whether globe-trotting or just meeting a friend for coffee, you need this trio of J-beauty multi-taskers to get you there in style.

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What I Packed with Ashleigh Reddy

What I Packed

If you’ve got serious travel #FOMO, a peruse of Ashleigh Reddy’s Instagram feed @StayReddy might leave you in a cold sweat. But Ashleigh wants to inspire you, not make you jealous. This photographer, style icon and influencer thinks way beyond snapshots of your everyday vanilla ice cream cone (gelato a’ la Roma is more her style).

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Omotenashi and Omiyage (Hospitality and Gift Giving)

Hospitality and Gift Giving

Providing heart-warming hospitality and exceptional gift giving are an important part of our heritage. Discover these foundations of Japanese culture and explore time-honoured traditions.

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Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony)

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Explore the time-honoured Japanese tea ceremony that has been practised for centuries. Led with beauty and grace, the tradition celebrates the art of preparation and performance.

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