Achieve the Perfect Cat Eye

Achieve the Perfect Cat Eye

For decades, we have been trying to achieve the perfect cat eye. Even lines, just the right thickness and wing span are no easy feat. With the below steps and our Liquid Eyeliner EX, the struggle is over. Time to celebrate!


Attention: The road to the perfect cat eye starts from the outer eye and thins as the line reaches the tear duct. Begin by drawing an upward angled line from the outer corner of the eye—following the curve of the lower lash line. Next, draw a line from the tip of the outer point to the middle of your lash line (creating an empty upward triangle).


Fill in the empty triangle between the tip of your wing to the middle of your lash line. Continue drawing along your lash line, thinning as you get closer to your tear duct.


Clean up your wing with our Olive Virgin Oil Swabs. Quick and easy.


To complete your look, brush on our Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection.

Welcome to the perfect-cat-eye club!

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