Finding the Best Moisturiser for Your Skin

Choosing a moisturiser can lead to major anxiety. So many claims, promises and unpronounceable ingredients! And we won’t blame you if you can’t pinpoint your skin type—lots of us see our skin transition from dry to oily to combination depending on the season or even the time of the month.

“Choosing the right moisturiser  means determining your skin’s needs, skin type, and benefits you want from the product,” explains Cynthia Beadle, licensed aesthetician and beauty consultant for DHC.

1-How to Determine Your Skin Type

Wash your face and wait two hours without applying any products. Dry skin may appear flaky and feel tight; oily skin will have shiny areas and may be prone to breakouts; combination skin will usually appear oily in the T-Zone of your forehead, nose and chin; and normal skin will appear smooth with no obvious oily or dry spots.

2-Target Skin Concerns 

IIn case you face issues such as fine lines or discoloration, there’s a moisturiser for that. “Battling fine lines means using a moisturiser that’s antioxidant-rich and full of hydrating ingredients,” says Cynthia. “If discolouration is a concern, products that offer brightening benefits, like those rich in vitamin C or other botanical brighteners, will work well.

AHA exfoliating cream

“Customers with sensitive skin should look for ingredients that work to strengthen the barrier, like ceramides; while dullness can be alleviated by choosing moisturisers that use cell-turnover-promoting ingredients like retinyl palmitate or alpha-hydroxy acids.

3-Choose the Right Texture

coq10 gel moisturizer

  • Gel

This lightweight, quickly absorbed form of water- or gel-based moisturiser is great for busy mornings. Choose one like CoQ10 Quick Gel Brightening Moisture to deliver intense hydration, or Astaxanthin Collagen All-in-One Gel to protect skin with powerful antioxidants derived from freshwater algae.

  • Daily Moisturizer

There’s nothing ordinary about a good daytime moisturiser that protects skin with antioxidant-rich olive fruit oil, maintains moisture with sodium hyaluronate or brightens with nanocolloid of platinum and silver. Put this habit on autopilot for long-lasting skin benefits. 

beauty lift cream

  • Ultra-Rich Cream

Great for winter-proofing skin or treating your complexion to an overnight moisture boost, a rich cream may contain high-performance ingredients like age-fighting coenzyme Q10, olive fruit oil and olive leaf extract, or ceramides that protect skin’s moisture barrier.

4-Wardrobe for Winter 

To care for skin in all its changing moods and in all environments, we recommend choosing moisturisers in a range of weights, from lightweight serum to rich, emollient creams. That way, you can layer as necessary, or switch them out by how your skin is feeling that day. We call that wardrobing your skincare products, and it’s a great practice to follow any time of year. 
Before you reach for any moisturiser, though, remember these tips to make any moisturiser work better:

  • Be sure your skin is deeply clean before applying moisturiser so that you can get all of its benefits, says Cynthia. “What good is any moisturiser if applied to cluttered, unrefined skin with build-up because it’s not properly cleansed?” To learn more about a Japanese cleansing ritual that gets results, click here.
  • Any moisturiser will work better when applied on skin damp from toner, so that it has some hydration to help lock in. For more info on why you need to use a toner, click here.

“You can also play mad scientist and mix products for best results. Our Olive Virgin Oil is a perfect tool for this because it can be added to an existing moisturiser to increase its benefits, or layered on to enhance the moisture barrier,” notes Cynthia.

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