Do you double cleanse?

Do You Double Cleanse?

Why Double Cleanse?

Even if you swear by a no-muss, no-fuss skincare regimen, you have to admit, thorough cleansing is the most important part of that regimen. And if you wear a full face of makeup every day, your soap based cleanser alone might not be cutting it. Soap on its own does not properly remove makeup residue, and we know the last thing you want is a breakout. Even if your makeup routine is relatively light, you still need a cleanser that works deep within your skin to remove all traces of sunscreen, pollutants, bacteria-causing-grime, excess oil and sweat, at the end of the day. Your lovely skin + exhaust fumes equals yikes! So, let’s introduce you to the double cleanse, also known as the best way EVER to wash your face.

Here Is Why It Works:

What if we tell you it’s possible to remove your foundation, waterproof mascara, and all-day lip colour in two easy steps? No more dabbing your face with cotton wool. Now, do we have your attention? Then imagine that the same process promotes healthy skin cells, unclogs your pores, improves circulation, extracts toxins and zaps cystic acne, all before you tone and moisturize! No Joke!

Before you call this new age mumbo-jumbo, let’s explain the logistics of it. Getting technical for a minute, double cleansing is based on the homoeopathic theory that oil attracts and eliminates oil. Deep Cleansing Oil attracts your sebaceous glands. Seba-what you say? Sebaceous glands. It’s your skin’s natural oil producer. Then it couples with your natural oils to remove all impurities, without leaving your skin to feel like burnt toast, unlike A LOT of other cleansers. With Deep Cleansing Oil, you will feel refreshed, like you’ve just had a spa day.

Do you now see why you need to add Double Cleansing to your routine? If you need further proof, consider the fact that Japanese women have practised this (amazing!) cleansing ritual for centuries.

The History of the Double Cleanse:

Centuries ago, Japanese women began to double cleanse, because it was the only method that removed the metallic white makeup that was popular at the time. To fully remove heavy makeup, they prepped their skin by massaging their faces with oils like camellia oil, before washing thoroughly with a foam-based cleanser.

How do I Double Cleanse?

Just like the name suggests, you can double cleanse in two surprisingly simple steps:

Step 1

If you have never used an oil cleanser before, we highly recommend our Deep Cleansing Oil. It is formulated with antioxidant-rich Olive Oil and invigorating Rosemary Leaf Oil, to fight damage caused by free radicals without clogging pores. How brilliant is that?

Begin with dry hands and an unwashed face. Massage a dime-sized amount of Deep Cleansing Oil into your facial muscles in a circular motion until the oil runs white (emulsifies), then rinse with warm water. You will notice that all the makeup on your face has melted off by now and your skin feels baby smooth!

After treating your skin to Deep Cleansing Oil, choose your weapon. And by weapon, we mean a cleanser—either a soap or liquid cleanser. Do not mix both. We repeat, do not mix both. Choose either. You don’t want to over wash your face.

Oily Skin

If you are nervous about trying double-cleansing because you have oily skin, don’t be! Though it might seem counterintuitive, Deep Cleansing Oil offers loads of benefits for oily skin. It cleans dirt without interfering with your skin’s moisture barrier. When you use a harsh, stripping cleanser, your skin ends up producing MORE oil to compensate and you end up looking as greasy as a fry-pan. You don’t want that. Oil cleansers like Deep Cleansing Oil help prevent that mid-afternoon oiliness without the post-wash tight and irritated feeling.

Step 2

Wash your face again with a cleanser of your choice. Continue with a lathering soap, like our gentle-but-effective Mild Soap, to thoroughly cleanse your skin. The key is to pick a cleanser that won’t dehydrate your skin. Our Mild Soap has a lot of skin benefitting ingredients like Honey and Olive Oil to help you retain moisture. Or, try our Face Wash Powder, it removes impurities and provides a deep cleanse while gently exfoliating. If you prefer liquid cleansers, our Face Wash not only leaves your skin feeling soft, but it also balances your pH levels.

That’s all it takes to double cleanse! Now that you are feeling so fresh and so clean-clean, don’t forget to follow up with a toner, moisturizer and serum.

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