Do you double cleanse?

Double Cleanse

Even if you swear by a no-frills skincare routine, you have to admit that cleansing is the most important step.

Wear a full face of makeup every day? Then your soap-based cleanser alone might not be cutting it. Soap on its own doesn’t remove makeup residue.

Just a sunscreen type of girl? Or a completely bare-faced beauty? (Lucky you!) But even you aren’t getting your face as clean as it could be.

What you need is a cleansing routine that thoroughly dissolves sebum, sunscreen, sweat, makeup and mascara—without stripping your skin or upsetting its pH balance.

Enter the magical, moisturising, luxurious realm of Japanese double cleansing. It’s the best way EVER to wash your face. Japanese women have been double cleansing for centuries, so they know exactly what works. They know that soap alone won’t thoroughly clean your face, and they demand a cleanser that leaves skin feeling hydrated. Why? Because Japanese women also swear by a beauty regimen that includes toning lotion, serum and enriched cream, so they want to prepare their faces to be the perfect canvas.

Rediscovering an Ancient Art

Centuries ago, Japanese women craved pure white complexions, inspired by the delicate beauty of geisha. To remove their thick, white oil-based makeup, they massaged emollient oils into their skin and rinsed them away, followed by a foaming cleanser.

Our taste in makeup has evolved since then, but the Japanese practice of removing makeup and cleansing with oil is here to stay.

How It Works

1 Oil cleansing, the first step in the double cleanse process, works on the scientific premise that “like attracts like.” When you massage a cleansing oil into your dry face with dry hands, the oil binds with sebum, sunscreen and makeup sitting in your pores. Add water and it gently and easily rinses away with zero oily residue.

2 For the second step in the process, reach for a water-based cleanser. Foam it up into a rich lather, massage onto your face, and gently rinse in warm water. This step provides a deeper cleanse and prepares your skin for next steps such as toning and moisturising.

The DHC Difference

Two words: Olive oil. DHC’s founder, Yoshiaki Yoshida, came upon a centuries-old olive farm while on holiday in southern Spain.

He learned that olive oil has been treasured since Egyptian times for its health and beauty benefits because it’s rich in antioxidants and its key component, oleic acid, mimics the skin’s own natural oil.

As Yoshida learned more about olive oil, he realised that he could synergise its benefits by purifying it and blending it with exotic Japanese botanicals. More importantly, he instantly grasped how the olive tree’s long-lasting benefits could complement the time-tested Japanese skincare ritual of oil cleansing. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil was born. Today, it’s so popular that one bottle is sold every 10 seconds worldwide.

Not Sure Where to Start?

We’ve curated five double cleanse sets—there’s one for every skin type.

The Classic Cleanse: Deep Cleansing Oil + Mild Soap

The Classic Cleanse
Our Classic Cleanse starts with our most popular product, virgin olive oil-enriched Deep Cleansing Oil. Mild Soap, with olive oil and honey, lathers up gently to help maintain your complexion’s natural moisture balance.

The Purifying Cleanse: Deep Cleansing Oil + Face Wash

The Purifying Cleanse
Pair Deep Cleansing Oil with our liquid Face Wash, which energises with rosemary leaf oil and hydrates with virgin olive oil while dissolving impurities. Perfect for dry, sensitive skin.

The Invigorating Cleanse: Pore Cleansing Oil + Pore Face Wash

The Invigorating Cleanse
Minimise the appearance of pores and battle breakouts with this oil-based cleanser and foaming, exfoliating cream wash. This powerful combo brims with botanicals like grapefruit, orange peel extract, pear juice and olive oil.

The Refreshing Cleanse: Deep Cleansing Oil + Face Wash Powder + Foaming Mesh

The Refreshing Cleanse
The power of virgin olive oil and rosemary refresh and balance skin as you sweep away the day’s grime and makeup. Follow up with lightly exfoliating Face Wash Powder, and for extra rich lather, whip up a creamy mousse with our Foaming Mesh.

Try double cleansing just once and we know you’ll be hooked. It’s the essential Japanese ritual for beautiful, hydrated skin.

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