Olive Virgin Oil—How We Created Our Very First Product

Olive Virgin Oil

Olive HarvestingSoft, hydrated and younger-looking skin—all yours, thanks to one very special ingredient. Olive Virgin Oil, our luxe but lightweight facial moisturiser launched in 1980, is our very first product, and has received rave reviews from both customers and beauty editors. It contains only one ingredient: 100% organic first-crush, virgin olive oil.

Since the 2nd century CE, olive oil has been prized as one of nature’s most versatile and effective skin products. Centuries later, we are now aware of its antioxidant ability to fight environmental damage caused by free radicals, and to condition, protect and seal in moisture beautifully.

Bon Voyage

How did a Japanese company become such a big fan of olive oil? It all started with a vacation.

Our founder Yoshiaki Yoshida, like many Japanese entrepreneurs in the late ‘70s, was devoted to his company, working long hours managing business translation from his office in Tokyo. But Yoshida craved a life experience that was deeper and more rewarding. Believing that knowledge is the key to enlightenment, he took a well-deserved break and travelled to Spain.

First Crush

It was there, amid the lush, green groves surrounding the town of Baena, that Yoshida met an olive farmer whose family had been producing premium organic olive oil for more than 200 years. The Núñez de Prado olive farm, in southern Spain’s Andalusia region, produces the most prestigious grade of olive oil. The organic olives are picked by hand and processed in the farm’s ancient, 3-tonne granite mill—one of only a handful of stone mills around the world.

Gently crushing (not pressing) the olives in a stone mill produces the highest grade of oil, called flor de aceite (flower of the oil). This ultra-premium form of olive oil requires more than twice as many olives to produce—while it takes five kilos of olives to produce a litre of regular olive oil, the rare flor de aceite we use in Olive Virgin Oil takes 11 kilos of olives to produce the same amount.

Japanese Tech

Aware of olive oil’s benefits for the skin, Yoshida took a batch of this ultra-premium flor de aceite back with him to Japan. He asked our scientists to develop a way to purify the oil to remove impurities and transform its thick, oily texture into a light, fine-to-the-touch serum without adding any preservatives, extenders or other ingredients.

The result was Olive Virgin Oil, our very first skincare product. Launched in 1980, we’re proud to call Olive Virgin Oil our signature product. A bottle of this premium facial moisturiser contains 100% organic flor de aceite. Pure enough to eat, it has a naturally occurring delicate, fruity aroma. But unlike the olive oil in your pantry, Olive Virgin Oil is purified to a lightweight, clear liquid to better absorb into your skin.

Beauty Benefits to Love

Olive oil is ideal for all complexion types because it so closely mimics the natural oils in your skin. More importantly, it also nourishes, protects from damage, and moisturises without clogging pores. Your skin is left smooth, soft and supple.

Here are some of the ways olive oil benefits your complexion:

Quickly absorbed: Our highly refined formulation ensures that Olive Virgin Oil absorbs easily into the skin and can be applied morning and night. Non-comedogenic: Lightweight, pure Olive Virgin Oil won’t clog pores.

Moisturising: Oleic acid, a key component of olive oil, mimics the skin’s natural oil to soften and promote elasticity.

Nourishing: This organic, natural skin moisturiser is rich in squalane and vitamins A, D, E and K.

Antioxidant: Helps ward off the signs of ageing by preventing damage caused by free radicals and environmental impurities.

How to Use Olive Virgin Oil

Use morning and evening as the final step in your skincare routine. Apply a generous amount of your favourite DHC toner, then rub ½ a pump between palms to warm oil. Gently press oil onto damp skin, letting the toner and oil blend. May also be used on other dry skin areas, including neck, arms and legs, and cuticles, and on the ends of the hair.

Massage this luxurious botanical oil into your skin to experience new levels of radiance and hydration.

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