Primer—Your Make-Up’s Best Friend


Flawless skin? We love it. We want it. And hey, sometimes we need a little sleight-of-hand to get it. That’s why we’re big fans of primer.

Make-up primer offers so many benefits that it deserves a prime spot in your morning regimen. But there’s also a lot of confusion out there—should you apply it over or under moisturiser? How should you apply it? What’s the best primer for make-up? Is primer even necessary?

‘Primers create the perfect skin (or make-up) “canvas” because they minimise the appearance of pores while helping make-up stay on much longer,’ notes Husna Syed, DHC’s social media strategist and an experienced professional make-up artist.

Polished Perfection

A good primer also helps to blur away the appearance of fine lines and pores, and enables make-up to glide on effortlessly. ‘When used before make-up application, primers can provide a sort of waterproofing effect to give long wear to powders, foundations, blush and bronzers,’ explains Cynthia Beadle, licenced aesthetician and beauty consultant for DHC.

Our signature primer, Velvet Skin Coat, also moisturises with olive oil—providing antioxidant benefits that last long after you wash it all off—and can even be worn without make-up. For those with skin on the oily side, Clarifying Pore Cover Base is a good option; its formulation combines zinc oxide to help absorb excess oil and artichoke leaf extract to target the appearance of pores. For additional refinement and to retain still more moisture, glide on Quick Film Smoother over primer and before applying make-up.

The Best Way to Use Primer

Primers work by creating a lightweight barrier between your skin and make-up, absorbing oil so that makeup is less likely to rub off. It’s important to take the proper skincare steps beforehand, so your skin is prepped and moisturised before you temporarily ‘seal it in’ with a primer.

We recommend starting by double cleansing: use one of our oil cleansers to remove all traces of make-up, then follow with a liquid, cream or bar cleanser to deeply clean the skin. Next, apply a toner and moisturiser.

‘I wait a few seconds to make sure the moisturiser is dry, but not too dry, before going in with Velvet Skin Coat,’ says Husna. ‘I’ll then apply make-up immediately after. It works instantly so there’s no need to wait for it to dry.’

Wash It Off and Prime Another Day

At the end of the day, remove everything with another double cleanse. Beautiful!

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