Summer Skin Accessories

Summer Skin Accessories

Summer Skin Accessories

Warmer weather is finally here! Make the most of these days while staying hydrated and refreshed with these summer skincare accessories. 


Super Collagen Mist

There’s nothing like a light facial mist to cool down from the day’s heat. Super Collagen Mist not only hydrates and refreshes, but it also infuses collagen-derived peptides into your skin. So you’re boosting hydration and improving your skin, giving it a nice subtle glow! 


Lip Cream 

Keep your lips moisturized with our customer favorite Lip Cream. This creamy lip balm is infused with antioxidant-rich olive oil and soothing aloe for soft lips all summer! 


Olive Hand Cream

We often neglect our hands when we think of skincare, so here’s a reminder: give this Olive Hand Cream a permanent home in your bag this summer. It’s fast-absorbing, nourishes and soothes your skin with an unscented, non-greasy formula. 


Blotting Paper

If your skin tends to to get oily throughout the day, this is a must-have at all times. These blotting papers are 100% natural hemp and helps to absorb excess oil in an instant, leaving you with a fresh matte finish. The best thing about these papers? They’re powder free, so you won’t have to worry about messing up any makeup during touch ups.


Stash these 4 products in your bag to save your skin this summer – you’ll thank us later!

Posted 18-05-2019 by DHC

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