Thoughtfully Sourced

Thoughtfully Sourced

Did you know that when you use our Olive Virgin Oil, you are moisturising your skin with one of the most prestigious grades of olive oil available in the market? Or that the serum that's currently working its magic on your skin was extracted from olives handpicked along the sunny green groves of southern Spain? If you don't know, now you do. Pat yourself on the back for choosing well.

Transparency and high-quality ingredients are the name of the game for us. In fact, they are the only rules we live by. We are OBSESSED with the quality of our ingredients and have been since the very beginning.

The Brief History of Our Olive Oil

Back in the 70's, our founder discovered the highest grade of olive oil while he was travelling through the lush, green groves of southern Spain. There, he met an olive farmer whose family has been growing the CAVIAR of olive oil for more than 200 years. He then set out to create a line of skincare products that took full advantage of this high-quality olive oil.

Farm to Face

You'll be happy to know that our olives are still organically grown the same way today. They are raised in the sunny, green Nunez de Prado groves in Baena, Spain, where the family has been producing the most prestigious grade of olive oil for more than 200 years. Our olive oil then journeys to Japan, where it's ultra-purified to make it suitable and beneficial for everyone, even you, sensitive skin.

Why It Works

Yes, our Olive Virgin Oil is basically a spa retreat in a bottle, but we thought you might also like to know why it's so good for your skin. Have you ever heard of oleic acid? If you read our blog regularly, you get brownie points for already knowing what it is. If you are new, welcome! Here's the 411 on oleic acid: It's an antioxidant-rich fatty acid present in olive oil that's similar to your skin's own natural oil. Which makes it the perfect moisturiser, because it hydrates without irritating your skin or clogging your pores.

Let's also talk about its high concentration of antioxidants. Who doesn't like antioxidants, right? They help banish free radicals that cause ageing and help you maintain healthy skin. If those aren't reasons enough for you, then consider the fact that olive oil has been used for hundreds of years in the Mediterranean for its health and beauty benefits. It has stood the test of time.

How to Use Olive Virgin Oil

Our Olive Virgin Oil is a wonderful daily moisturiser. Use it day and night as the final step in your skincare routine, after a toner. The rest of your body might get jealous about your face being the only one that's treated to Olive Virgin Oil, so use it on your cuticles for healthy nails, and on your hair to target dry and split ends. It works hard for your love.

Love Olive Virgin Oil? Try These Other Products

If your skin responds well to our Olive Virgin Oil, and we're are sure it will, give it more of what it likes. Nourish it with our line of olive oil infused products and watch it glow.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize with Olive Oil

Deep Cleansing Oil will help cleanse normal and combination skin. Both these oil cleansers are formulated to help remove gross pollutants, makeup, excess oil, sunscreen and any other impurities that might be left lingering on the surface of your skin at the end of the day.

Olive Soap has the best of both worlds. It combines olive leaf oil and olive fruit oil to gently remove impurities while fighting visible signs of ageing with antioxidants. Super gentle Mild Lotion soothes and preps the skin to soak in all that hydrating moisture from Olive Virgin Oil. Concentrated Eye Cream gives your eyes a healthy dose of antioxidants from olive oil too, and Extra Nighttime Moisture works overnight to help you wake up to glowing skin, without you having to do very much.

Now that you know how much good our olive oil can do, do your skin a favour, run to and order some of our olive oil-infused products. They will make your skin radiate with fresh-faced happiness. They are that good.

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