Bold & Beautiful

‘I feel beautiful when I feel confident, strong and fearless. It’s that feeling that comes from inside, that you can do anything.’ — Beyoncé

There’s beauty in strength. And the best part is, you get to define what beauty means to you. The Japanese approach to beauty starts with honouring your skin — what you do after that is entirely up to you!

We asked members of DHC’s creative team to chime in on what ‘bold and beautiful’ means to them. Read on.

work out for healthy skin

‘I always feel bold and beautiful on my way out of the gym! Taking the time to strengthen my body (and listening to pumped-up Afrobeats) makes me feel UNSTOPPABLE.’  — Lisa T., copywriter

sunscreen for healthy skin

‘Embracing the unconventional always leaves me feeling empowered. I let my playful personality shine through with brightly patterned clothing and rainbow-coloured hair.’ — Lara Y., senior digital designer

‘After rock climbing, I feel accomplished and empowered. Sweat, mascara, and the outdoors, what more could I ask for to feel bold and beautiful!’ #womenwhoclimb — Amber A., graphic designer

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